Fotografía Dominic

Dominic Bolus

Managing Partner

Fotografía Marcos

Marcos de Fortuny

Managing Partner

Fotografía Iñaki

Iñaki Villarías

Managing Partner

Fotografía Karim

Karim El Masri


Fotografía Hugo

Hugo Aguado

Production Manager

Fotografía Yuceth

Yuceth Buitrago

Office manager

Fotografía Cristina

Cristina Márquez


Fotografía Sara

Sara del Valle

Office PA

Fotografía Dominic Dominic
Born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1961. Attended schools in the Uk and Spain, has worked as a waiter, painter, concert production manager, party organizer. Started Widescope in 1989 after 8 weeks on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Slept on the production office floor to save his perdiems. Does up old cars in his spare time...
Fotografía Marcos Marcos
Born 1966, Barcelona. Dual Nacionality Spain / USA. Bachelor of Fine Arts @ MCAD (Minneapolis). Worked as Computer Tech, Graphic designer, Online editor. 1st worked for Widescope as video operator in 1992, then as runner, locations, production, etc… Created the location database and designed the budget package... Buys gadgets and does budgets in his spare time...
Fotografía Iñaki Iñaki
Born in Gibraltar, Spanish dad, English mum. Started computer science and economy at university but never finished any of the two. Worked as a hotel receptionist and run a health and food store for several years, met Widescope by chance through one of my brothers in 1997 as a runner, Dom was the Producer and Marcos the PM on that job, full on since 2000 and part of the company since 2003. Does scuba diving in his spare time...
Fotografía Karim Karim
Born in Greece in 1966 of Turkish and Libyan parents. Moved to Spain aged 9. Studied IT in Florida and Photography in Boston, never finishing either because the Turks called me for military service. Didn’t think it would be much fun, so I headed back for Spain.I worked in IT for too many years and started working with Widescope as a runner in ’96. When Im not working, Im diving, flying model aircraft, picking mushrooms, paragliding or hunting wild boar with my bow.
Fotografía Hugo Hugo
Born Barcelona 1975. I started working as a steward in 1994, afterwards I shifted to flight stimulator at the Barcelona Airport control center, as well as being an air traffic assistant at the control tower. Created an event production company, 4 successful electronic clubs, professional Dj, a Music-Restaurant and 3 multi brand stores. In 2009 I started working as a runner for service companies, 5 years later I am part of the best service production company in Spain, a big privilege for me after all. I’ve done many other things in between like marketing management, graphic designing, travelling , lover, musician, sportsman, gadgets, cook, sports and be a father in my spare time. Always cooking with gas...
Fotografía Yuceth Yuceth
Born in Colombia in 1976. Arrived in Spain in 2000 and have worked for Widescope since then. Came to do the garden and now runs the accounts and database and preps jobs and looks after the equipment and everything else. I am still happy, and proud to form part of Widescope. No spare time...
Fotografía Cristina Cristina
Born in Marbella in 1971. Started her career as an administrative in a lawyers firm. When Widescope offered her the job, she had no doubt in changing and improving her lifestyle and work environment. Goes to the Rocio in her spare time...
Fotografía Sara Sara
Raised in Madrid, Barcelona and Buenos Aires. Has attended english schools since a young age, making her bilingual in english and spanish. Worked in production, catering, clothing store and teaching english to kids. Moved to Marbella a couple of years ago and in 2012 started working in Widescope as a production assistant, in the office and sometimes on the shoots. "I am very happy and grateful to carry on working in the Widescope family and learning new things everyday". Enjoys traveling, snowboarding, studying german and french language in her spare time...

We work all over Spain, and have offices in Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid.
Whether your budget is 2,000 or 2,000,000 we can provide the back -up.

The company was started in 1989 by Dominic.
“There were only 2 or 3 other service companies at the time, and they didn’t do music videos, which is what we did for the first 10 years. A 21 hour day was not unusual, and then you drove an hour to the next location”.

Marcos and Iñaki became full partners in 2003 after working with the company for a number of years.
We are 3 very different creatures, so we appeal to all different kinds of folk.
The budgets are now more challenging, and there is lots of good competition around.
We try to be as competitive as possible, whilst still being safe and realistic.
We are proud to work with some of the best and the nicest production companies and agencies that there are.
“Its great to still be in the top 3 after so many years”.

What makes us stand out from our competitors:
We are 3 producing partners and we all 3 run the jobs. One of us is almost always available to turnaround budgets and provide location reference photos within a matter of hours.
We enjoy a privileged relationship with the authorities, and we know when something is not possible.
We are constantly scouting for new locations to add to our database. We enjoy what we do and have a great team who give unlimited support, weekends, midnight, whenever…

Dominic, Marcos and Iñaki.

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