Widescope has been going for over 20 years, we know what is possible.
Widescope is run by three partners who budget and produce most of the jobs.
Widescope has offices in Malaga, Barcelona and Lisbon - we cover all Spain, the Islands and all Portugal.

We put quality before quantity.
We benefit from having the most amazing back up team, we are blessed with our in-house staff.
We can provide you with a budget and location references within hours.
We enjoy what we do and we take it very seriously.

Here is some insight into who we are:

Fotografía Dominic

Dominic Bolus

Executive Producer

Fotografía Iñaki

Iñaki Villarías

Executive Producer

Fotografía Dominic Dominic
Born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1961. Attended schools in the Uk and Spain, has worked as a waiter, painter, concert production manager, party organizer. Started Widescope in 1989 after 8 weeks on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Slept on the production office floor to save his perdiems. Does up old cars in his spare time...
Fotografía Iñaki Iñaki
Born in Gibraltar. Spanish dad, English mum. Started computer science and economy at university but never finished any of the two. Worked as a hotel receptionist and run a health and food store for several years. Worked with Widescope for the 1st time as a runner in 1997, Dom was the Producer and Marcos the PM on that job, full on since 2000 and part of the company since 2003. Does scuba diving in his spare time…